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Wellness and beauty in Forte dei Marmi

Wellness and beauty in Forte dei Marmi

Wellness and beauty in Forte dei Marmi

Venere Nails and Beauty

Located a stone's throw from the center of Forte dei Marmi,Venere Nails and Beauty welcomes you for pleasant well-being and beauty moments. Our cosmetic line, Ksurgery, inspired by the most effective medical treatments, offers products and treatments 100% made in Italy to fight skin imperfections with safe and long-lasting results. The exclusive massages, combined with textures and essences, create a unique atmosphere to regenerate the senses. Hands and feet treatments ensure, in addition to a healthy and well-groomed appearance, a feeling of well-being. To add a touch of color, you can choose from a wide range of shades of Shellac gel polish or Vinylux regular polish. We are also available for home service if you wish to enjoy our treatments in the privacy of your home.

INFRA HEAT: the effective technology

It is a complete endogenous thermal transfer device that allows the effective treatment of surface and deep tissues of face and body. The peculiarity of this technology is to combine the active ingredients delivery phase with the vasodilation that, by activating the physiological mechanisms that regulate the metabolism of tissues, allows the active to spread immediately, ensuring the best achievable result. Facial treatments: wrinkles, expression lines, skin relaxation, bags and dark circles, active acne, post acne. Body treatments: cellulite, skin relaxation, fat, water retention.


KSURGERY: science of Made in Italy

In the cosmetics field Ksurgery represents the innovation of Made in Italy research. It does so with its internal laboratories and a 100% Italian production. It has created and brought to market some of the most iconic and effective products of recent years. All the medical expertise developed by the research laboratories is put into skincare products, in a perfect combination between science and cosmetics. The result is given by performing treatments that act in a targeted manner on skin imperfections.

Brazilian Waxing

This wax, rich in highly tolerated natural components and fabulous fragrances, meet women’s and men’s requirements. Brazilian wax has a much lower usage temperature than traditional waxes, which is closer to body temperature. It does not require the use of strips and is removed with a single move. Also it incorporates the hair, even the shortest, and gently pull it out without sticking to the skin for an almost painless treatment. Skin remains hydrated, soft and silky. Compared to traditional waxes, Brazilian waxing capture hairs in depth increasing time intervals between one treatment and another.

Shellac polish: precious nails

The prestigious Shellac gel polish, launched in 2010 by CND™, is today an undisputed protagonist of the nail world. Shellac differs from all other products because it is the only one to have a "polish" formulation while all the others have a "gel" formulation. This diversity translates into a different application mode. Shellac is applied respecting the steps of a regular polish, without having to file the surface of the nails. It is subject to polymerization in a LED lamp and is soak off so easy removable in maximum 10 minutes, without removing the topcoat with a file.